Robin Anish: The perfect peanut butter banana toasted coconut cream pie

It's been more than a month since the new year began; and with that, how many of us who made a well-intentioned resolution to stick to a healthy diet have actually stayed the course? Well, for those strong willed, stick-to-it types, I'm about to challenge your will-power. For those who have fallen off the wagon, I'm about to make you very happy!

Just try to resist this indulgent dessert.

This recipe for peanut butter pie had caught my eye because it was different from the typical preparation that consisted of blending peanut butter, cream cheese, etc for the filling. This version combined peanut butter with confectioners sugar to make a crumbly mixture that was scattered over a crust followed by a filling of vanilla cream.

I made it and it was delicious, but my culinary wheels started churning when it dawned on me that this pie was basically a banana cream pie with peanut butter instead of bananas! Peanut butter and bananas are an awesome duo, so I added bananas to the recipe but, wait, this pie is basically a coconut cream pie with peanut butter and bananas instead of coconut. Peanut butter, and bananas and coconut are an awesome trio. But I like coconut when it is lightly toasted, so the recipe peaked as a peanut butter banana toasted coconut cream pie.

Enjoy in moderation!


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