Letter: We are well-served in Montpelier


To the Editor:I'm blessed to be married to Linda Joy Sullivan who, beside her other charms and talents, is the General Assembly representative for those of us who live in the Bennington-Rutland District. This last fact is incidental to our relationship, except that it has given me the opportunity to spend some time in Montpelier the last few weeks watching our elected officials work as this year's session winds down.Two observations: What a tremendous jewel of a place the Capitol is. Literally, it is a museum, and during the legislative session, it's teeming with activity. From the bandbox committee rooms to the historic legislative chambers to the immaculate dining facility, it's filled to the brink with legislators, elected administration heads, government workers, reporters and citizens alike (and there's remarkable portraiture everywhere). Best of all, it's totally accessible to everyone. It's a place like no other. Go see.But here is the best of it: These legislators work really hard. They are remarkably civil to each other. Despite the occasional emotion associated with the success or failure of a policy initiative, they engage with each other calmly and substantively about what's in the best interests of neighbors back home and Vermonters generally. The last few nights they have worked close to midnight, practically every seat filled. Their four-month stint during session, often far from home, demands huge sacrifices. They serve on committees, study, collaborate, debate and vote every day of their 16-week stint. For no pay and seemingly little glory. Whatever one's view of "politicians" generally, we're blessed in Vermont to have this dedicated "citizens legislature." When you get a chance, go see.Allan J. Sullivan Dorset


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