Letter: Getting old test


To the Editor: I just turned 82, the perfect time to test my growing old acumen. I ask the following questions:1. You're a member of a large political party in America. Over the previous eight years while one of your members sat in the White House, you lost 11 seats in the U.S. Senate, 39 seats in the House of Representatives, 958 seats in state legislatures, and 10 governor's mansions. You also lost control of 13 state legislatures, and your recent candidate for the Oval Office was defeated by an Electoral College count of 306 to 232. What is the correct response to this?a) Recognize that if you're digging yourself into a hole, maybe it's time to stop digging, and maybe try to learn something from your losses; orb) Change nothing, reelect your leadership, and blame the voters for being too dumb to realize what's good for them. 2. When you hear the word victim, what's the first thing you think of?a) Something I saw on an episode of NCIS last night; orb) Myself and my current lot in life, where I am a victim of our classist, oppressive, misanthropic society, where absolutely nothing is my fault. 3. When you hear someone on television say, It's time we had a national conversation about something?a) Do you change the channel, hoping you can find the latest installment of Sharknado; orb) Take copious notes and engage your family, friends, and business associates in one-sided conversation, lecturing that everything they know, think, and believe about the subject is wrong.What happened to the old Manchester Journal's fair and balanced editorial policy, oped pieces and letters to the editor? I really would like to start reading your entire paper again.Perry GreenManchester


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