Letter: BBA chair, headmaster support merger


To the Editor:The voters of Manchester are faced with a critical decision next week, namely, whether to form the Taconic & Green Consolidated School District with Dorset, the Mountain Towns RED, Sunderland, Danby, and Mt. Tabor. We believe a yes vote is in the best interest of all involved for a few key reasons:1. The proposed district solidifies and protects high school choice for all involved;2. There will be a single board managing the multiple elementary/middle schools that feed into BBA, thus facilitating cooperation and coordination across the preK-12 spectrum;3. The larger district will lessen the burdens on any given town when new families arrive after the budget is set and should reduce tax volatility;4. A larger district opens up the possibility to adopt innovative approaches for improving educational quality and efficiency throughout this new educational ecosystem.Whether one likes Act 46 or not, it appears to be a law that is here to stay. The towns involved have a history of collaboration and common interests via their longstanding relationships with Burr and Burton. The Act 46 study committee has done a thorough job vetting the options and has put together a dynamic proposal to carry our traditions and priorities forward in an otherwise uncertain environment.We believe the Taconic & Green proposal creates opportunities to strengthen the elementary and middle schools in our region while protecting school choice, including the choice to attend BBA. We urge a yes vote on article 8.Seth Bongartz, Chair of the BoardMark H Tashjian, HeadmasterBurr and Burton Academy


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