Defang the Board of Education

To the Editor:

I write to urge support for the legislation Democratic State Sens. Dick Sears and Brian Campion plan to propose which would clearly strip the state Board of Education of whatever rulemaking authority they may have.

I believe this unelected little bureaucracy's proposed rules, Series 2200, have the potential to degrade the excellent secondary education Burr and Burton Academy offers to all children of our community. It would not be enough just to get the board to back off from or slightly modify this odious proposal. Their seeming belief that equal educational opportunity requires universal mediocrity strongly suggests they will try again, and next time it might require costly litigation to stop them.

I have been involved in various efforts to improve the quality of public education for most of my adult life, and I think the use of excellent privately managed schools to provide superior public education in the small towns of our community has few peers anywhere.

Let's defang permanently the unelected bureaucrats who might bring down this remarkable system.

Alexander C. Hoffman

Former chairman, Association of American Publishers



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